Everyting Nintendo Switch!

Everyting Nintendo Switch

Everything you need to know about Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo, after long-lasting rumors last September, the official announcement of the Nintendo Switch announced the expected presentation was made. The presentation of the first games of the console was also clarified in this presentation, issues such as release date, games and price.

Price and Box Contents

The console, which will be sold in North America with a price of $ 299, in Europe with a price of € 299 and in Japan with a price of Yen 29.980, will also be released in all regions on March 3rd. If it is connected to the TV, it will support up to 1080P and the removable screen will support 720p. The screen will also be 6.2 “.

The switch will also have a screen size of 6.2 “. The touch screen has a portable charging time ranging from 3 to 6.5 hours.

The 32GB internal memory can be expanded with microSDXC cards. Obviously, this capacity is quite funny in today’s conditions.
The box includes the JoyCon controllers attached to the screen as well as the wristbands to connect to the controllers, the unit to which the screen will be seated, the HDMI cable and the adapter.

General Use of the Console

The main feature of the Nintendo Switch is that it can be used both as a home console and as a portable console. Switch, which has a unique controller and mechanism, seems quite simple. Just like the Wii U, you can use your console as a home console when you plug it into your home appliance. When you remove this 6.2 “screen, it becomes a portable console thanks to the JoyCon controller, which is divided into two.
You will also be able to charge the screen with the Type-C cable.

Control Structure and Prices

Nintendo Switch is actually a console that combines Wii and Wii U features together. Especially for the control structure can say this easily. This controller, JoyCon, which can be used both in combination and separately, can also be attached to the screen part of the console. In this way, you can play the game in a mobile way if you want to install the controller. If you want to fix the screen with the foot, you can continue your game enjoyment by removing the controllers.

One of the best things about this controller is that it varies from game to game. So in a game like Zelda or Skyrim, you can use the controller completely, and in games that require NBA 2K17 or Mario Kart style multiplayer, you can use the controller separately.
Of course you will have to put your hand in your pocket if you want Pro Controller. If you want a new Joy-Con set other than the Pro Controller, which has a $ 69.99 price tag, you will have to give it $ 79.99. JoyCon controllers will have a $ 49.99 price tag separately.

Online Features

Nintendo Switch will come up with a new online service. With this system, monthly subscribers can access different NES and SNES games free of charge every month. Frankly, I think it needs different advantages besides Nes, Snes. The necessary explanations will probably come in the future because the cost of the service is not yet clear.

In addition, people with paid memberships in Switch will also have special discounts, online lobbies and voice communication options. One of the most positive statements about the system is that it will work in harmony with smart devices.


Although Nintendo Switch seems to have a wide range of game announcements, it frankly disappointed me a bit. I cannot say that the game announcements like NBA, FIFA and Skyrim which was announced as a standard for many years ago.

Still, games like Xenoblade 2, Bomberman or MK8 Deluxe from Mario Kart 8 are fun. The two productions that excited me for the console were undoubtedly Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I can say that both games looked pretty good and had the only capacity to carry the console this year.

Super Mario Odyssey, which has an open-world gameplay and where we can use our hats in an entertaining way, will offer us an adventure to sail to different worlds at the end of the year. Breath of the Wild, which has new dynamics and we will return to the vast lands of Hyrule, will be the console’s exit game.

Other than these games, of course Minecraft: Story Mode, Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition, Heroes Has Been, Project Sonic 2017, I Am Setsuna, Skylanders Imaginators, Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence with Power Up Kit, Puyopuyo Tetris S, Disgaea 5, Minna de the Waiwai! Dozens of games like Spelunker, Sangokushi 13, Dragonball Xenoverse 2 and Farming Simulator are preparing for the console.


As a result, the Ninteno Switch has some exciting features. But at this stage I can think of Wii u strategy. As I said some of the games the company can back the console, but especially in the early stages of the need for much more is a fact.

The Tegra console is technically unsatisfactory. Even at least the standard 1080P should be captured on the screen. Of course, I would like to remind you that Nintendo always prioritizes gaming.

As I said, the console is especially suited to Nintendo fans. New announcements, especially the E3 2017, will be quite tight in terms of Nintendo Switch.



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