How to wear leopard pattern?

Leopard patterned combinations

Leopard patterned combinations

Let this spell be a guide for those who love leopard but don’t dare to wear …

Leopard is perhaps the most difficult combination for us women. In terms of the pattern, it really has a slightly exaggerated feel. Therefore, I think it is necessary to sport the leopard as much as possible. For example, if you prefer a leopard upper or lower part, you should avoid using too much vibrant color and jewelry.

Must have black

As I said, because it has an exaggerated and heavy air, the best way to balance leopard pieces is primarily black! A black T-shirt, a black trousers, a black skirt nasıl But when we make the leopard part of the outfit completely black, that leopard won’t stand out. In addition, rather than very stylish pieces of T-shirt, a simple shirt, such as a flat crop-top sports parts are also preferable.

Combined sport

Also, one of my favorite styles is to use all these feminine pieces together with the sporty pieces. You can even use your leopard tracks with some sports sweaters. In addition, gray, navy blue and militar green are definitely the color options that will sport the leopard’s air.

Leopard loves jeans!

Is there a piece of denim that doesn’t fit? Of course not! Leopard is one of the most suitable ragged denim shorts, dark denim shirts, jeans…

Inside the whites

But if you are not in a leopard skirt and a leopard blouse, you can also use the leopard in small details. In this way, your usage area becomes wider and your options increase.

The other similar tone of black is white. It fits very well with the white leopard, which is a bright color that kills the exaggeration and intensity of almost any combi, such as black. It also balances the dark tones of the leopard and hides the weight of the fabric.

Leopard with small details

For example, leopard shoes look really stylish and feminine and can be combined with any combination. You’re more free! For example, when combining different patterns, you may prefer a leopard shoe under a geometric skirt.

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