Ladies aesthetic and strong body !

ladies body

Ladies, this article has everything you need for an aesthetic and strong body!

You can go to the relevant section and see:

What are the common mistakes? Let’s solve our dream quickly!

What type of body do you want? Recommendations according to the model you want.

Fitness training program with picture and video

Which are the best hip exercises (you may be surprised at this part, not Squat!)

The reason why I created a guide called Vücut Bodybuilding for Women, is not because gender makes a mechanistic difference in fitness; Every fitness knowledge is relative to everyone from men to women. In nutrition, in training. However, for example, women may want to be thinner, may want a fuller buttock, this article was written specifically for this purpose.

First of all, I want to start by emphasizing a few misunderstandings that I often come across.

Over the years, you may have been impressed by the unpredictable advice of newspaper corners, doctors on TV and coaches in gyms.

First, let’s handle them so that you


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