Your Body Will Quickly Shape: The Most Effective Squat Movements Made Easily At Home

The Most Effective Squat Movements Made Easily At Home

Squat is one of the most effective forms of exercise in recent years, without the need for any sports equipment, which allows many muscles in the body to work at the same time.

It is possible to increase the quality and endurance of the muscles in this region by strengthening the leg and hip muscles with squat, which is among the most ideal movements applied to gain strength and strength.

What is Squat? What are the benefits?

Squat movement is the name given to the exercise that effectively operates the muscles of the waist, calf, back and abdomen as well as the muscles of the front leg, back leg and hip. This exercise, which can be done without weight, with dumbbells or with a weight bar, is one of the most important movements.

Squat provides important contributions to the performances of the athletes because it improves the legs and hip muscles and makes it possible to do better running and jumping. Provides firmer muscles by preventing movement, sagging and loosening that shapes the body and loses weight. It helps to improve digestion problems as it works well in the abdomen and stomach.

It is one of the most useful exercises that work the metabolism when it is done regularly, stiffening and shaping the hips. You can easily shape your body with squat movement which can be applied easily at home.

The most effective squat movements

Sumo squat

For the sumo squat, which is slightly different from the normal squad in the posture position, open the outer diagonals of the toes at two shoulder widths. You can perform the movement more effectively by taking the weight of the dumbbells that you can lift in both hands. The aim is to train the inner leg and hip muscles more in the movement, which has more leg span than the classic squat.

Lean so your upper legs are parallel to the floor, wait 1 second and return to the starting position. Do not lean forward during movement and make sure your shoulders are aligned with your hips. You can repeat the exercise 12 times in 3 sets.

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Rebound squat

Get the classic squat position for rebound squat movement, which helps to burn fat and have tough leg muscles. When you lower your hips to the floor, instead of rising up, bend and stand 5 times and return to the starting position. You can perform the movement in 3 sets of 10 repetitions. Make sure that your knees do not exceed the foot level and keep your head in a natural position.

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Ballet squat

Open your feet slightly more than your shoulder width by directing the toes outward for the ballet squat movement, which is intended to improve the calves as well as the legs and hips. Bend your knees while keeping your back straight and squat on the floor, standing at your toes. Wait for 1 second and stand up. You can do the exercise in 15 sets in 3 sets.


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