How Many Days Do You Irrigate Orchids?

How Many Days Do You Irrigate Orchids?

How Many Days Do You Irrigate Orchids?

Orchids are not always a type of flower that likes to stay moist. It needs to stay dry at regular intervals. Therefore, you should pay attention to watering at the right times. You can determine the watering time by paying attention to the weight of the flowerpot. For example, water-saturated pot weight can be noted by measuring. You will then need to measure this weight several more times.

In addition, when you place your finger up to the mortar point, it is time to water if there is a dry part. If the specified weight is noted in the face of this situation, then watering can be done when the flower reaches such a weight.

Of course, the use of the thumb is effective for this method. However, this is not always true because of pollution. Using pencils, especially in the workplace, plays an active role in irrigation. For example, colored pencils can be used. When the pen is immersed in the mortar of the flower, watering is performed if it looks dry.

Orchid Irrigation Process

For orchids, two different methods are considered and irrigation is performed. In the immersion method, water is added to the bucket not to exceed the root throat.

The orchid flowerpot is placed in the bucket and held until the flowerpot gets wet. The pot taken from the water is put back into place by draining. Although this method seems useful and practical, the disease can be transmitted to the flower with the same bucket. This means that the disease will pass over the orchids to other flowers over time.

The pouring method is the classical one. Water is given to the flower by holding it under the watering can or tap. This process continues until the mortar part of the pot gets water. Therefore, too much water is needed in the pouring method.

How Orchid Pruning Happens?

In order to remove the dead parts of the orchid, this process should be handled in September or November. Orchids are very delicate flowers. Therefore, materials such as scissors and hands should be sterile. In this regard, the yellowing or dried parts are kept close to the body and the cutting process takes place. After removing the dead roots, sprinkle with charcoal powder or cinnamon. This will prevent the formation of bacteria. In addition, after the orchid flowers die, it will be effective to keep the pot in the cooler zone for 2-3 weeks. As you sprinkle light water, the flower will become vivid again.

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