30 Beautiful Bags Model

Beautiful Bags Model

A fashion bag every season with all kinds of changes and various designs that all women are following with interest and are looking forward to new trends. To eliminate all these disturbances, female handbag models should be well known.

1 Clutch Bag

A clutch bag is a small bag without a belt and handle. This is a purse type bag that is commonly used with nightwear. There are envelopes in the form or locked. They are practical and easy to carry because they are slightly larger than the wallet.

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2 Wrist Bag

This is a small bag with a strap or strap that can hold your wrist. They are used for practical and convenient portable products.


3 Wedding Bags

  1. Wedding Bags

Usually small, made of soft materials and various fabrics, beautiful jewelry with white, cream color, such as bags of different colors.


4 Cosmetic Bag

This is a small bag that is made of another material or model and is designed to transport only makeup materials. It is usually carried in a casual bag. The goal is to ensure that cosmetics are not distributed in an everyday bag.


5 Wallet


Small accessories used to transport money and credit cards

  1. 6 Briefcase

A rectangular-shaped bag used by men or women with office life. These bags are usually made of leather and make it easy to carry documents. This is a work bag with handles and a shoulder strap.

  1. 7Suitcase

This is a kind of large bag that is used as a suitcase when traveling. There are indoor species and different sizes, both from hard and soft materials.

  1. 8 Hobo Bag

This is a type of large bag that usually rests on the shoulder and has a crescent shape. This is one of the most versatile, convenient and popular types of bags. It is very useful in everyday life.

  1. 9 Sling Bag

This is a type of sling bag that is made of soft materials and has a belt. It usually seems rectangular or square. The strap is long and can be installed diagonally. This is a type of bag that is comfortable to carry and quite comfortable for everyday life. used to be widely used by doctors.

  1. 10 Shoulder Bag

This is one of the types of bags that are produced in different sizes and materials with two wide straps and are widely used in everyday life.

  1. 11 Tote Bag

This is one of the largest bag types designed for long and wide sizes, and also portable at shoulder level. It is quite wide and provides convenience in everyday life. It is also known as a shopping bag and is a very popular and common type of bag among young girls.

  1. 12 Bucket Bag

A bucket bag with a wide shoulder strap. Due to its large size, this is one of the large bags in which you can fit many things.

  1. 13 Cylindrical Bag (Barrel Bag)

A cylindrical bag and is usually carried on the shoulder with a bag such as long straps. It has different sizes and is a convenient bag to use.

  1. 14 Drawstring Bag

This is a type of bag that is shrink-wrapped or bag-shaped. This is usually made of fabric.

  1. 15 Clutch Bags

Usually made of materials such as wool, fur or velvet, which can be a zipped bag or belt. This is a handy bag to keep your hands warm when you take something inside during the winter months.

  1. 16 Trapezoid Bag

Bag type with asymmetrical corners and usually isosceles.

  1. 17 Bag With Flap

Rectangular or square bag with top cover and long chain straps

  1. 18 Waist Bag (Bum Bag / Funny Pack)

In general, similar to a triangle, with a belt on the belt – this is a small bag. money, phone, key used to transport important items. This is usually preferred in the summer and in vacation spots when you want to visit with small things.

  1. 19 Saddle Bag

This is a type of bag that is designed on a belt similar to a saddle belt and can be carried on a shoulder or arm. This is a type of bag that can be easily carried with pockets and a large camera.

  1. 20 Sports Bag (Duffel Bag)

The name of the fabric is the place where the bag is made from the city of Duffel. This is a type of bag with a large compartment that is used when traveling and playing sports.

  1. 21 Backpack

This is a type of bag that is used during the school period and carried on the back with double handles. It is a type of bag that can be easily used with sportswear in everyday life and is easy to carry.

  1. 22 Beach Bags

Beach bags are very large, colorful, funny, and, as the name suggests, these are the types of bags that are used on the beach. Although it is made from various materials, canvas fabrics are commonly used. Since it is large, you can carry many items.

  1. 23 Messenger Bags

Two different options are offered at the same time using shoulder and side straps. Messenger bags, which are medium-sized bags, combine sporty and stylish style. Comfortable and stylish female models of postal bags are just the choice that says: “Without my documents and books in my bag.”

  1. 24 Evening Bags

If you want to be stylish in the daytime, then an evening dress is suitable, the bags of your favorite brands are waiting for the true owners of Shoes World in accordance with your style. The world of shoes offers many options for its customers; he leaves his clients the most suitable model for style among amusing, stylish, classic, exaggerated and simple models.

  1. 25 Fabric Bags

Fabric bags are usually rectangular in shape with two simple handles. Fabric bags with a minimum processing speed are made of organic materials.

  1. 26 Straw Bags

From straw you can make not only bags, but also accessories such as hats and shoes, some baskets, boxes and furniture. This method, which has been preserved from antiquity to the present day, serves to create solid and strong structures.

  1. 27 Portfolio Bag

Small, flat bag without handles or straps. In accordance with the fashion trend of that time, the models of portfolio bags during the history have slightly decreased and expanded.

  1. 28 Cross Bag

Cross-stitch patterns are usually preferred because they are practical. His bag is always at hand, but my bag is not in my hand, and both hands are empty, preferably a bag.

  1. 29 Knitted Bags

Crochet bags can be either simple briefcases for carrying necessities or large bags like market bags for your products.

  1. 30 Felt Bag

Felt bags are one of the preferred models of DIY fashion lovers. Felt is a soft and flexible fabric, one of the classic materials preferred for making bags

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