30 Best Places to Visit in Ukraine

Best Places to Visit in Ukraine
  1. Kiev

Kiev is a city where felling of trees is prohibited; Ukraine with its magnificent nature, parks and interesting architecture is one of the main attractions.

  1. Lviv

This is perhaps the most beautiful comforting award that Ukraine received after the Second World War.

  1. Odessa

Odessa, which stands out throughout history due to its geographical location, stands out as a port city.

  1. Kharkov

The city, known for its sophistication in terms of its research institutes, museums, universities, libraries and theater buildings, is known as Kharkov.

  1. Lutsk

The city of Lutsk, located on the Shtyr River as the center of the Volyn region, reflects the traditional structure of Ukraine and conveys the modern texture of Europe.

  1. The Potemkin Stairs

The Potemkin Stairs, one of the most famous staircases in Europe, was built in 1837-1841.

The Potemkin Stairs
  1. National Museum Of The History Of Ukraine

The National Museum of Ukraine is located on Vladimirskaya Street, in Kiev.

National Museum
  1. National Museum Of Art Of Ukraine

The National Art Museum of Ukraine, which displays valuable works of art and paintings, was opened in 1898 in Kiev.

  1. Oleshkovskaya 

Oleshkovskaya sand dune (Kherson desert) attracts those who want to experience the desert experience in European geography.

  1. Odessa National Opera And Ballet Theater

Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theater is one of the most attractive art centers in the world with its architecture and staged performances.

Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theater
  1. Pirogovsky Open-Air Museum

Pirogovo Open Air Museum is considered the largest open-air museum both in Ukraine and in Europe.

  1. Donetsk

Donetsk is one of the prominent Ukrainian cities in terms of tourism

  1. Zaporizhzhya

The most popular point of Zaporozhye is the island of Khortytsya

  1. Kamenitsa

Kamenitsa is one of the most visited cities, especially in the summer.

  1. Chernivtsi

In Chernivtsi; The Turkish well, the Turkish bridge, the Turkish fountain, the Armenian Church, Chernivtsi University and Theater Square – all this can be called the main attractions.

  1. Yalta

Yalta is one of the most popular coastal cities in Ukraine due to its subtropical climatic features.

  1. Maidan

This is the central square of Kiev, which everyone will definitely see.

  1. Sofievskaya Square

Sofievskaya Square is one of the most popular city attractions.

  1. Attache

The area is famous for its colorful houses. In addition to its historical architecture, it is also a center of attraction with its cafes and restaurants.

  1. Khreschatyk Street

You can stroll along the famous city street, shop in shops and have fun in restaurants and establishments.

  1. Kiev Olympic Stadium

You can also find club products around Stat

Olympic Stadium
  1. Hydropark

The Hydropark, located on the two islands of the Dnieper River, is a park where people have especially fun in the summer.

  1. Monastery Pechersk Lavra

This gigantic structure, also known as the Cave Monastery, is more complex than a single center of worship.

Pechersk Lavra
  1. Lviv Market Square

A shopping center in the city is also located in the old town

Lviv Market Square
  1. Town Hall

The historic building is located in the center of the old city.

Town Hall
  1. Lychakiv Cemetery

Lychakiv cemetery is one of the tourist places.

  1. Museum Of Pharmacy

This is one of the most visited museums of tourists.

Museum Of Pharmacy
  1. Jesuit Church

The historic church is a popular destination for tourists.

Jesuit Church
  1. Gorky Central Park

Giant city park. Inside there is also a theme park. Ideal for fun and relaxation.

Gorky Central Park
  1. Freedom Square

This is the most important square of the city of Kharkov.

Freedom Square

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