30 Bag Models Used By Famous

30 Bag Models Used By Famous

1 Necklace Wallets

The smallest but most ambitious model of the year is these bags with a necklace.

2 Bags With Clips

Those who remember the old wallet, these bags will not come at all.

3 Transparent Bags

We will see many transparent packages, especially in the spring / summer of 2019.

Binary Bags

Originally designed for Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, the two-bag trend quickly hit everyone.

5. Globe Bags

Inspired by architecture and contemporary art, these globe-shaped handbags let you instantly forget about classic clutches.

Vintage Wallets

A well-preserved vintage bag can make even the most basic part of your style attractive.

Sea Shells

Shell-shaped bags, one of the models for the summer months.

Fluffy Bags

This year, fashionable bags made of fur and fringe also hit the case when you do not stop, buy yourself such a bag.

Waist Bags

Waist bags are by far the coolest, youngest and most stylish relatives of waist bags.

Crocodile Bags

Providing a very elegant look, these bags break the habits of their old classics and acquire new colors.

New Forms Every Season

Of course, there are things that come to the fore each season, but designers not only expand the boundaries of geometry every year, but also create new works.

12. Handbag Models

It turned out like the most colorful bags.

Sports Bags

Sporty bags can be used to complement your casual or stylish outfits.

Crossbody Bags

Cross-country bags, backpacks and shoulder bags suitable for daily use are among the most preferred models.


Handbags have very small dimensions.

16. Portfolio Bags

Glamorous and stylish models are often preferred for special occasions, invitations and parties.

17. Backpacks

Larger backpacks have different sizes of eyes inside.

18. Bag With A Cylinder

Compared to previous years, it looks like checkered fabrics.

19. Casual Bag

The models offered to women with different designs and color alternatives are widely varied.

20. Suitcase Bags

High-volume bags help transport items of different sizes safely.

21. Briefcase Bags

Not only a stylish appearance and design features, but also functional functions.

22. Cross Bag

It is made taking into account women’s styles and season trends.

23. Leather Bag

Glamorous and stylish models are often preferred for special occasions, invitations and parties.

24. Sports Bag

Sport models are available in a variety of models, from belt models to shoulder bags.

25. Synthetic Bags

It can be used safely at any time of the year.

26. Clutch

Unlike simple and custom-made bags, bags of various designs, textures and sizes have become popular.

27. Minimal Wallets

Durable and noble, these bags are some of the most popular parts for many years.

28. Oversized Bags

White bags, which are more convenient to use due to compatibility with most colors, have many different shapes.

29. Kipling Bags

It is extremely suitable for use in everyday life.

30. Casual Bags

You can add one to your wardrobe by choosing one of the timeless and suitable designs of black bags for each style.

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