30 Places to Visit in California

1- Santa Monica
Write to Santa Monica at the top of the Los Angeles attractions list so you can start your holiday with great pleasure.

2- Hollywood and Hollywood Boulevard
The area, where many film studios are located, attracts the attention of passengers coming to the city with its architecture and cheerful atmosphere with its glittering appearance.

3- Universal Studios in Hollywood
One of the largest theme parks in the city, you may encounter while taking the resort.

4- Griffith Park and Observatory
The Green Zone, 5 times the size of Central Park in New York, was transferred to the city in 1896 by Griffith J. Griffith.

5- Disneyland
It was founded by Walt Disney as a fair for children.

6- Venice Beach
If you’re not happy enough to swim, sunbathe or surf in Santa Monica, you can head to Venice Beach for a more lively holiday.

7- Getty Center
This is one of the medieval tryptics in the cultural sphere that draws attention with the authenticity of its architecture.

8- Malibu
It covers 48 kilometers of coastline between the Pacific Ocean and Highway 1.

9- Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive is known as the city’s most luxurious and prestigious shopping street.

10- Beverly Hills
Since the 1950s, the village has been known as the home of the rich and famous.

11- Walt Disney Concert Hall
Walt Disney Concert Hall was officially opened in 2003.

12- Downtown Los Angeles
Until the mid-1990s, Los Angeles Downtown was full of business districts and promising tourist attractions.

13- Exhibition Park
Add an impressive exposure park to your Los Angeles itinerary.

14- Museum of Modern Art
The Museum of Modern Art, or briefly, MOCA, is located in the city center.

15- Hollywood Bowl
If you enjoy participating in music festivals and live concerts, you can add the Hollywood Bowl to your list of Los Angeles attractions.

16- Hollywood 
He was placed on Mount Lee to promote the Hollywood construction project.

17- Little Tokyo
Learn more about Japanese culture in Little Tokyo.

18- Long Beach
Long Beach allows you to enjoy moments away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and participate in ocean entertainment.

19- Santa Catalina Island
Take a pleasant trip to the island of Santa Catalina.

20- Six Flags of the Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain is 56 kilometers northwest of the city center.

21- Bodie
The structure of the city has been preserved and they hide inside the priceless ancient ruins.

22- Half Dome Ladder
Passengers who wish to personally test the strength of the Half Dome ladder should be prepared for a long and difficult event.

23- San Francisco
San Francisco was founded in 1776.

24- Chinatown
This city sparkles and has a very nice Chinatown.

25- Coit Tower
Here you can see the view.

26- Golden Door
This suspension bridge, which we see in American films, is also called a red bridge.

27- Alcatraz
It is very interesting to visit the unique prison, but be sure to book in advance.

28- Santa Cruz
In Spanish and Portuguese, this name means holy cross.

29- San Jose
This is a lovely little town.

30- Monterey
Located in Monterey Bay, the city is home to the first California cinema, public library, public school and newspaper.

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