30 Places to Visit in Germany

1- Römerberg Square
The heart of the once thought city and today’s historic atmosphere fascinates travelers.

2- Frankfurt Cathedral
The official name is St. Bartholomew in the Imperial Cathedral.

3- Palmengarten
This is a botanical garden adjacent to Gruneburgpark, one of the city’s largest green spaces.

4- Goethe’s House
Outside of Bodrum, it was completely destroyed by the Allied bombing and restored after the war according to the original.

5- Old Opera
The Old Opera House is another cultural area that I would recommend adding to the list of places of interest in Frankfurt.

6- Senkenberg Museum
The Senckenberg Museum is considered Frankfurt’s largest cultural center specializing in natural sciences.

7- Church of Saint Paul
You may have the privilege of visiting the Holy Church of St. Paul.

8- Stadel Museum
Works signed by artists such as Picasso are presented to art lovers.

9- Main Tower
The main tower was built in 1996-1999.

10- Zeil Street
From a high point at night, it immediately attracts attention with its eye-catching appearance.

11- Eiserner Steg
It connects Sachsenhausen with the Old Town.

12- Eschenheimer Turm
Eschenheimer Turm was first built in 1349 after the second expansion of the city.

13- Museum of the Museum
The history of creation dates back to 1977.

14- Frankfurt Zoo
The Frankfurt Zoo was founded in 1858.

15- MMK Museum. Art Nouveau Kunst
In 1991 the MMK für Moderne Kunst Museum was opened.

16- Goetestrasse
If Eiserner Steg did not meet your shopping expectations, you can try your luck at Goethestrasse.

17- Hauptwache
The building, which is said to be one of Goethe’s favorites, makes it one of the most visited places in the city.

18- German Film Museum
The Deutsches Filmmuseum focuses on explaining the historical development of cinema and its impact on society in various exhibitions.

19- Church of St. Nicholas in Sachsenhausen
Saxenhausen The old church of St. Nicholas dates back to the mid-12th century.

20- German Museum of Architecture
The permanent collection of the German Museum of Architecture consists of 200,000 architectural plans and drawings.

21- Cologne House
Since its completion in 1880, the cathedral has enriched the city skyline thanks to its two magnificent towers.

22- Altstadt
The Altstadt region fascinates its visitors with its unique historical charm.

23- Remisch Germanisches Museum
The Remisch-Germanisch Museum was opened to visitors in 1974.

24- Hohenzollernbrück
It was built between 1907-1911. Instead of the cathedral bridge.

25- Cologne Zoo
Thanks to its fun atmosphere, Cologne is an indispensable place for families with children.

26- Ludwig Museum
This is the first facility in Cologne to exhibit contemporary art.

27- İmhoff-Chocolate Museum
The Imhoff-Schokoladen Museum welcomes you in its modern building on the Rhine.

28- Hohe Straße
You can also find cheap souvenir shops on Hohe Street.

29- Flora and Botanist
Flora und Botanischer Garten was founded in 1920 under the leadership of Peter-Joseph Lenne in Cologne.

30- Cologne Cable Car
Transportation to the Cologne Zoo turns into a very pleasant experience.

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