30 Places to Visit in Greece

1- Plate
This is the oldest residential area in the city.

2- Acropolis and Parthenon
It is believed to have been built about 2,400 years ago.

3- National Archaeological Museum
It is focusing on ancient Greek art.

4- Monastiraki
Ottoman structures and archaeological sites of ancient Greece are listed nearby.

5- Syntagma Square
It is located directly opposite the Royal Palace in the service of the Greek Parliament.

6- Temple of Olympian Zeus
Temple of Olympian Zeus, first BC.

7- Panathenaic Stadium
The Panathenaic Stadium was built as a racetrack in BC 330. In later years, it was made multi-functional.

8- National Garden
The National Garden was founded in 1836 by the order of Amalia, Queen of Greece.

9- Acropolis Museum
It is on display at the New Acropolis Museum, just 300 meters from the Parthenon.

10- Benaki Museum
This is a place that describes the origin of Greek culture and what changes it has been going through since ancient times.

11- Byzantine and Christian Museum
The Byzantine and Christian Museum captivated history buffs with its collection collected between the 4th and 20th centuries.

12- Cycladic Art Museum
The Cycladic Museum of Art exhibits rich artistic accumulation in areas outside the mainland Greece.

13- Lycabettus Hill
This is a unique place in ancient Greek, meaning “mountain of wolves”.

14- Ancient Agora of Athens
The ancient Agora of Athens was once the center of the city’s social, political and commercial life.

15- Ermou Street
Ermou Street remains an indispensable list of shoppers in Athens.

16- Parliament Building
It is the first king of modern Greece.

17- Theater of Dionysus
Dionysus Theater was the first stage in the history of Athens. 

18- Kolonaki
Kolonaki is known as the most elegant and luxurious residential area in central Athens.

19- Anafiotica
Unlike Kolonaki, Anafiotika is a very quiet and authentic settlement.

20- Erechtheion
Erechtheion, BC. It was built between the years 421-46.

21- Old Town
This is a historic settlement surrounded by magnificent walls.

22- Mandraki Harbor and Windmills
Mandraki Harbor has been at the forefront of maritime activities in Rhodes for centuries.

23- Lindos
As you walk through the maze streets of Lindos, you can get valuable information about almost all the civilizations that dominate the island.

24- Butterfly Valley
You can visit the Butterfly Valley, about 27 kilometers from Rhodes Town.

25- Anthony Quinn Bay
It is said that a film called Navar’s Cannons started in 1961.

26- Palace of the Grand Masters
The Palace of the Grand Masters, the temple dedicated to the sun god Helios in ancient times, is located in St. Petersburg. John was later known as Rhodes and Malta.

27- Street of the Knights
The Street of the Knights provides valuable clues to travelers interested in how the Knights lived and leaves important traces in the history of Rhodes.

28- Archaeological Museum
The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes welcomes its guests in a building used by medieval knights as hospitals.

29- Acropolis of Lindos
The oldest parts of the Acropolis of Lindos, BC. 

30- Tsambika Beach
Tsambika beach attracts attention with its atmosphere and beauty in the world.

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