30 Places to Visit in Scotland

1- Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle was built by David I in the 12th century.

2- Holyrood Palace
The Grand Gallery is refined with elegant decorations.

3- Royal Botanical Garden
The Royal Botanic Garden was founded in 1670 under the leadership of two academicians working on medicinal plants.

4- St. Giles Cathedral
St. Giles Cathedral was founded in 1124 by order of King David.

5- National Museum of Scotland
Thanks to its rich content, the National Museum of Scotland provides visitors with information about the changes that Scotland has experienced since ancient times.

6- Arthur’s Chair
Arthur’s Place is the highest hill that covers most of Holyrood Park.

7- Calton Hill
Calton Hill is full of visitors at any time of the day due to its spectacular views.

8- Scott Monument
The Scott Monument was built in 1846 in Gothic style.

9- Obscura Camera and Illusion World
Obscura & Illusions was founded in 1835 by Maria Theresa, the daughter of world-renowned telescope manufacturer Thomas Short.

10- Scottish National Gallery
The Scottish National Gallery focuses on Scottish and international art from the birth of the Renaissance to Impressionism.

11- HMY United Kingdom
The magnificent 37-meter ship used on 968 official voyages also represents the end of the period.

12- The Royal Way
The Royal Mile is considered the heart of the historic city.

13- Princess Street
Princess Street stands out as Edinburgh’s favorite shopping district.

14- Mary Kings Close
Mary King’s closeness bears traces of pain and epidemics that drown the city in the dark in the 16th and 17th centuries.

15- Childhood Museum
The childhood museum, with its colorful toy collection from the middle of the 19th century to the present day, caters to people of all ages from seven to seventy.

16- Victoria Street
Victoria Street is considered a masterpiece of Thomas Hamilton, one of the neo-classical wonders of Edinburgh.

17- The Dungeon of Edinburgh
Here, guests enjoy a great adventure with 11 shows and 2 metro trains.

18- Scottish National Portrait Gallery
It was founded in 1889.

19 – Holyrood Park
This covers the area between Arthurs Seat.

20- Scotch Whiskey Experience
By writing Scotch Whiskey Experience, you can find important clues as to how the whiskeys have been distilled over the centuries and how many different types of whiskey have been produced.

21- Glasgow Cathedral
Glasgow High Kirk or St. The giant cathedral, also known as Kirk Mungo, draws attention with its unique architecture.

22- George Square
It is defined as the place where the heart of the city beats.

23- Glasgow City Rooms
The city of Chambers is an indication of the wealth of the Empire.

24- Mack Art Academy
Mac Art Academy should not be missed by architecture and art lovers.

25- University of Glasgow
The history of Glasgow University dates back to 1451.

26- Glasgow Botanical Garden
Botanical gardens may not be of interest to every traveler, but travelers interested in ecosystems and biodiversity can breathe here.

27- Glasgow Green and People’s Palace
People’s Palace is a kind of museum where you can observe all the development of trade, industry, women’s rights movement, entertainment and sports, that is, the public life of the city.

28- Sterling City and Castle
Here is Bannockburn Fight and Stirling Bridge Fight, where the famous William Wallace defeated the British.

29- Newark Castle
Newark Castle once belonged to the Maxwell family.

30- Dumbarton Castle
Dumbarton Castle is a historical monument built between two rocks.

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