30 Places To Visit In Italy

Italy is the country of love,art and literature. We see lots of masterpieces of world’s well-known characters like Michelangelo,Dante, Aristo, etc. Besides it is one of the centers for fashion in the world. Italy hosts the worldwide fashion brands such as Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Prada, Pierre Cardin and Valentino.
Here are some tourist attractions:
It is one of the most famous amphitheatres from Roman times that holding 80.000 spectators.

Colosseum in Rome, Italy

2-Grand Canal 
It allows to see Venice’s beauties while going with gondolas on the water and a good opportunity to spend romantic times.

3-Lake Como
It’s famous for the fresh mild climate, beautiful gardens, and villas from Roman Times. And an excellent resting place.

4-Santa Maria Del Fiore
As the symbol of Florence,it is the largest church in Europe and the 3rd. Largest in the world with different architecture and lily themes.

5-Trevi Fountain
The symbol of Rome with legendary story and most spectecular view.

6-Pisa Tower
The well-knownarchitectural building as the sinking tower and baptistery of the city Pisa.

7-Roman Forum
Caesar’s most splendid building that travels you 20 centuries before. You will find yourself talking about the politics and religious issues unwillingly just like in the past

8-Pantheon Temple
It is only one of the beauties of Rome to be seen without getting bored with its authentic atmosfere.

9-Chinque Terre
The five villages carved and settled to the rocks with unbelievable grapes,olives and steep landscapes.

10-Piazza Navona
If you believe in ghosts,you might see this square with full of interesting stories.

11-Uffizi Museum
The place that combines culture, science and art of Italian history in Florence.

12-Basilica Di San Marco
As one of the oldest church buildings the basilica is famous for its stunning mosaics and Saint Marcus Statues and figures of his horses in Venice.

13-Palazzo Ducale
The most beautiful gothic architecture of Venice that was used for  the headquarter Venice Republic.

14-Piazza del San Marco
The heart of Venice and essential to visit cause of finding the history,religion and art in one place.

15-Rialto Bridge
Italy means Venice and Venice means Rialto Bridge.It is the most splendid bridge to be seen on Grand Canal.

16-Duomo Di Milano
As a center of the fashion as well as the history Milano, and hosts the  perhaps the most interesting building for the half century lasting to build.

17-Ponte Vecchio
The oldest and most impressive bridge of Florence that smell history.

18-Lake Garda
“Lungolago and lungomare “ the words to define Italy’s breathtaking lakesides and seasides.

19-Castel Saint Angelo
With secret passages and notorius prisons,this castel is one of the landmarks of Rome.

20-Mount Etna
It will be a great experiment to see an active volcano in Sicily.

21-Piazza Di Spagna
For  the unique scenery, Spanish steps and Spanish Square is the best route in Rome.

22-Palazzo Vecchio
It is a magnificient address for ones that want to stroll between three eras and to see the symbol of civil power.

23- Burano Island
It is one of the most peaceful places in the world with tasteful seafoods, colourful streets and handmade ruches.

24-Bridge of Sighs
With the interesting namearouses curiosity.But sorrowful prisoners last stop before imprisoned.

25-Blue Cave
The mystery of the nature and the reflection of paradise on earth in Capri Island.

26-Mount Vesuvius
One of the well-known stories of the history.It had erupted and destroyed the city of Pompei.

27-David Statue of Mihelangelo
If you want to go back to Renessaince era, you have to see this statue.

The city of petrified people that mentioned in many holy boks.

29-Piazza Del Popolo
The square’s name means people’s Square known as the start point of Via Flaminia, and the first haunt for many tourists to shop and rest.

30-Piazzale Michelangelo 
All in one place,with science,art,history what you want. And rare places in the world to visit all day and year.

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