30 Effective Tips for Haemophilia Patients

Joint Bleeding
May be a sign of hemophilia.

Doctor Checkup
Go to regular doctor checkups

Tell Your Doctor
Tell another doctor that you have hemophilia (scar A or B).

Listen To Offers
Follow your doctor’s advice on treatment.

Bleeding Symptoms
Be sure to study the symptoms of bleeding.

Do not use pain medications called aspirin or NSAIDs without medical supervision.

Dentist Control
Go to your regular dentist checks and take care of your oral hygiene.

Keep Your Medicine With You
Take medication used for replacement therapy if absolutely necessary while traveling.

Weight Control
Your ideal weight has a positive effect on cardiovascular disease, strength, flexibility, balance, stabilization of joints and bone density.

Age At Time Of Diagnosis
The diagnosis of hemophilia with age.

Do physical activity every day.

Find Out Your Illness
Be aware of your illness.

Let Your Surroundings Know
Tell your environment about your illness.

Follow Treatment
Make a treatment plan with your doctor.

Check It Out
Do not interrupt your checks.

Consume Meat Products
It is especially advisable to increase the consumption of meat and meat products to 6-7 servings per week.

Ideal Weight Matters
Hemophilia patients are asked not to be too weak or overweight.

The Right Exercise!
They should give preference to exercises of low intensity.

Take Iron Medicine
Iron supplements can be added to support iron stores.

Vitamin Supplement
Take vitamin C with you so that iron can enter the bloodstream.

Diabetes Risk
Sweet sources, such as molasses and grapes, are unsafe.

The Drinks
Remove tea, coffee, cola, parsley and cabbage, slimming tea from your list of diets.

Hemophilia In Women
Of course, patients with prolonged menstrual and severe hemophilia will benefit from the help of obstetricians and hematologists.

Medicine Factor!
The missing factor can be administered intravenously, such as serum.

Be Careful Of Accidents!
Caution must be exercised in case of injuries and accidents at home.

Danger Of Hepatitis With Blood Transfusion!
Hemophilia patients should also be vaccinated to prevent hepatitis infection during a blood transfusion.

In particular, a large number of factors must be given before surgery.

Hematologists, psychologists, orthopedists and physiotherapists must be present for treatment and follow-up.

Do Not Use Aspirin
Aspirin should not be used in patients with hemophilia.

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