30 Slimming Methods for Men

1- Warm Water In The Morning
Every day in the morning after waking up on an empty stomach, 3-4 drops of lemon juice in a glass of warm water to drip.

2- Bread
Strictly remove white bread from your life.

3- Sweet Drinks
Avoid all sour drinks like acid cola, fanta and iced tea.

4- Desserts
Dessert can be enjoyed only once a week.

5- Sit Down And Eat
Sitting clean, you feel like eating more than usual, so your sense of fullness is increased.

6- Close The White Glass
Do not watch TV while eating.

7- Be Heavy And Enjoy
While you eat, try to color simple things and add taste.

8- Bite, Take A Breath
Even count your donuts if necessary.

9- Don’t Say, Let’s Eat Together
Be careful to consume individual food.

10- Keep A Food Diary
Reminding you how much food you consume during the day is an effective method.

11- Do Not Believe Anything Called “Healthy”
You will likely rate your calories 35% less.

12- Reduce Sugar And Starch
The most important factor in weight loss is the reduction in carbohydrates, which are sources of sugar and starch.

13- Eat Protein, Fat And Vegetables
The main ingredients for every meal during the day should be sources of protein and fat.

14- Train 3 Times A Week
No need to play sports to lose weight.

15- 1 Day Of Carbohydrates Per Week
Carbohydrate days can be 1 day per week during the diet.

16 – Intermittent Hunger Method
This is a form of nutrition, which includes regular short-term hunger and a meal for a short time during the day.

17-5: 2 Method
Fasting for 2 days after 7 days is required.

18-16 / 8 Method
It is required to fast for 16 hours a day and there is only 8 hours.

19- Follow A Diet And Exercise
Every person who wants to lose weight should know about everything that he eats and drinks every day.

20- Careful Cooking
People should pay attention to how and where they eat.

21- Eat At The Table
Beware of food and enjoy what you eat.

22- Avoid Distractions While Eating
Do not turn on the TV, laptop or phone.

23- Eat Slowly
Take time to chew and enjoy your meal.

24- Make The Right Food Choices
Try to choose foods full of nutritious foods and foods that will saturate you for hours, not minutes.

25- Eat Protein Foods For Breakfast
Protein helps regulate the appetite of hormones that help people feel intact.

26- Reduce Sugar And Refined Carbohydrates
Dietary sugars are growing. Stay away.

27 – Get Enough Fiber
Dietary fiber, unlike sugar and starch, determines plant carbohydrates that cannot be digested in the small intestine.

28- The Balance Of Intestinal Bacteria
The human intestine contains numerous and diverse microorganisms containing about 37 trillion bacteria.

29- Prebiotic Food
They help control weight.

30- Have A Good Night’s Sleep
Many studies have shown that sleep less than 5-6 hours a day is associated with an increase in the frequency of obesity.

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