30 Weight Loss Exercise Can Be Done At Home

1- Reverse V Pipe
This is a great mat exercise for abdominal fat.

2-W Foot Lifts
The legs and abdominal muscles will work.

3- Superman
Abdominal, thigh and back muscles will work with this movement.

4- Jumping Mouth Fight
Both fat burning and weight loss.

5-Jumping On One Leg
Chest muscles and back of the legs work together.

6- Push Up And Kick
This exercise controls your entire body.

7- Rotating Leg
This exercise will affect your inner leg and abdominal muscles.

8- Rope Skipping Rope
It is the best weight loss exercise for both men and women.

9- Run
Large muscle groups run on treadmill at home.

10- Pilates
Pilates is one of the endurance exercises that increase the body’s flexibility and tighten the body.

11- Shuttle
Initially, 15-20 flights per day can be started.

12- Squats
Legs should be wide shoulder width.

13- Move
Stand upright One leg breaks forward and remains steady.

14- Planck
This is the movement to increase durability.

15- Exercises For Muscle And Calf Running
You must perform a jump action like the sumo movements before the match to melt them.

16- Upper Body And Shoulders
Do this six times in the first days; Continue as more than one gold in the future.

17- Calf Running Exercise
Repeat this movement fifteen times and move to your other leg.

18- Jump
Repeat this ten times.

19- Cross Board Exercise
Repeat this movement ten times for each arm and arm.

20- Extreme Jump
Repeat this movement ten times.

21- Hip
This allows you to train your hips directly, you can use a lot of weight.

22- Stylish Bridge
Like Hip Thrust, but the range of motion in the exercise is a little shorter. Easily applicable in any environment.

23-Romanian Traction
This is a great exercise that will help you develop by isolating your hamstring and gluteus muscles.

24- Rod
Perhaps the best exercise for the hips, but it is not easy to implement

25- Bulgarian Divided Squatting. 
Lung-like hip and leg exercises can improve your hips over a wider range of motion.

26- Swing Weights
This is a very effective and safe exercise for jogging.

27 – Gluten Recovery
This is an isolated thigh exercise that you can do with your body weight or with a cable or tape.

28 – Thigh Incontinence
This is a good exercise to improve your thigh muscles, especially your gluteus maximus muscle, to isolate.

29- Passive Gymnastics
Passive gymnastics allow you to stimulate empty muscles with radio waves.

30- Pool Exercise
This movement tightens the hips and sides.

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