2019-2020 Winter Handbag Trends

Double Bagging
today’s modern woman is so busy, so rather than carrying just one bag she actually needs two. This bag is the best for all women.

Bag Fuzz
We prefer cruelty-free shearling and faux fur options, of which there were many on the runways.

Mini Bag Comeback
mini bags are ideal for carrying a few cards and a bit of cash at most.

Snakeskin Leather Bags
It’s as versatile as simple leather, but a bit more interesting and definitely more luxurious.

Crocodile-Embossed Leather
Nothing is as fashionable as taking one of the scariest animals on the planet and turning it into an accessory.

Minimalist Bags
If you’re the quiet sort, you will likely appreciate the minimalist bags.

Patched Together
Just like in clothes, so also in purses.

Boxes and Cubes
cubes are one of the main unusual shapes for the bag trends.

Extra Unique Shapes
A triangle or amoeba-shaped bag is a great way of presenting your individuality.

Accordion Bags
Think of accordion bags as a subcategory of the unique shape trend. 

Belt Bags
The belt bag is a gorgeous choice for anyone on the go.

Hands-Free Bags
It is practicality or individuality.

Round Bags
Round bags always come back in style, and yet they always stand out when carried.

Slouchy Bags
Slouchy bags run the risk of looking frumpy, but a great way to get around that is to choose a slouchy bag made of high-quality leather.

Purses Under Cover
Just because it’s a purse doesn’t mean it’s gotta look like a purse. 

Chain Straps
A purse with a chain strap.

Three-Dimensional Florals
We cannot think of a more romantic way to add texture to the bag than with a three-dimensional flower appliqué.

Coin Purse
Coin purses, often with a kiss-lock clasp.

Bucket Bags
The bucket bag has had a huge comeback.

Two-Toned Bags
Two-toned dresses and jackets were all over the runways, so why not two toned bag combined?

Fierce Fringe
a glamorous bag

Good as a Gold Bag
If you want your bag to scream “opulence” and “glamour”, then gold is your best option.

Under Lock and Key
For most of us, one of those bags would be more valuable than whatever we’d keep inside it!

Bling and Shine
We love a glamorous little evening bag.

Pillowy Quilted Bags
They were made of brightly colored satin sewn in a vertical-stripe quilt pattern.

Quilted Leather Bags
Quilted leather is heavily associated with luxury bags.

I Need a Doctor… Bag
If you prefer a larger bag for day to day, and if you also categorize your style as “old school cool” then your favorite of the doctor bag.

Check Out the Checked Bags
The most interesting checked-print bag was at Off-White, where the optical-illusion style take on check print matched with blouses from the collection.

Toting Around
Tote bags are practical and they get a lot of use


Houndstooth Handbags
The houndstooth bags one of the purse trends.

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