30 Large Handbag Models

When we talk about the large handbags, we mean the bags between 14 to 16 and +16 inches like totes, shopper, hobo, satchel and bucket bags.
You can carry your phones, cosmetics cases, paperback novels, purses, checkbooks, water bottles and even ipads.Here are some examples of large handbags:
1-Denim Tote Handbags
They are all useful and stain resistant models especially outdoor activities.

2-Leather Tote Handbags
All the time elegant and indispensable for women.

3-Corduroy Handbags
With easy to clean structure, in the top ten of ladies.

4-Grid Textured Handbags
They are standing out with their soft texture and big capacity.

5-Suede Handbags
They are one of the best choices of lots of women for easy to use and colours.

6-Pebbled Leather Handbags
In general pebbled leather bags’ versatility give woman to use both in hands and shoulders easily. 

7-Crossbody Handbags
Providing the most easily and comfort usage, they are in the first ranks.

8-Bucket Handbags
When you need to carry much more things you think, they are quite helpful.

9-Animal Print Handbags
They are rather trendy and good looking bags for all ages.

10-Detachable Strapped Handbags
Options are always rescuer in a bag for a lady.

11-Satchel Handbags
They hold all daily needs and satisfy expectations with their styles.

12-Ruched Handbags
The ruched details that used to be seen in the dresses also suits the bags very well.

13-Crincled Handbags
Crincled handbags give a different air to clothes. 

14-Top Handled Handbags
Many handbags are produced for some purposes.This kind of handbags are compatible for various occasions.

15-Waxed Handbags
Waxed handbags can be purchased for their different features as well as their waterproof properties.

16-Checkered Handbags
They are especially great with their appearance and in completing clothes. 

17-Basket Handbags
They give an authentic feel with their vegan leather structure and straws.

18-Woven Pvc Handbags
They can be produced from recycled goods (nature friendly) and easily affordable. 

19-Tulle Covered Handbags
Elegant women’s indispensable objects.

20-Adventure Handbags
If you are adventurous,this is for you.

21-Sporty Handbags
Sport is essential for life like the sporty handbags.

22-Large Grab Tote Handbags
Safety comes first and these bags means safety by grabbing tightly.

23-Hobo Handbags
Lots of women prefers hobos for their shape and easy to use.

24-Top Backpack Handbags
Carrying a bag has never been easier!

25-Bowling Handbags
They allow you to carry all necessary things if you are a busy one.

26-Flapover Handbags
They are timeless. Classics as well as modern. 

27-Zip Around Handbags
This is for those who lose things quickly.

28-Drawstring Handbags
They are the bags that you will be in love after using.

29-Canvas Handbags
If you are looking for a long lasting bag, you are at the correct place.

30-Graffiti Handbags
The bags of the woman that have colourful world and characters.


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