30 Most Expensive Designer Handbag Models

A handbag represents the woman at the outer  space. And also you can understand characteristic features, feelings, thoughts, even the most important knowledge about a woman looking at a handbag.
When this is the case, the handbags gain values for a woman and become more important than most of the things. And a woman spends huge amounts of money on bags. Here are 30 most expensive designer handbags:
1-Judith Leiber
Her stylistic designs are famous for the precious jewellers like diamonds, turmalines and sapphires. And of course the prices are getting over and over to $100.000.

They are well-known and preferable all over the world. Especially Birkin Bag collections that created crocodile skin goes up to $300.000.

They are created for Parisian jet set from  gray and black crocodiles. But can be found up to $50.000

4-Yves Saint Laurent
YSL bags has their own elegance and style with simplicity and smartness.

They are Italian Designs and mostly bitsy and mini bags, but not in costs.

It presents a wide range lists for the customers.

The name of the classics Prada returned with the new styles.

A new age style brand, too. With wide usage options.

With bright colours and detailed bags surprised the customers.

10-Louis Vuitton
He is also renowned in the world with his expensive bags such as Urban Satchel bag costs $150.000.

For pure,elite and charismatic styles.

After the make-up the logo, released the assertive models.

For searching variety.

This brand presents mainly practical and casual products.

15-Christian Dior
One of the expensive brand is Dior that offers customers great deal of models from new collections.

This is the most expensive one in the world. And has a Guiness Record with $3.8 million.

17-Mark Jacobs
His extra-ordinary designs take place in the expensive category.

18-The Row
This is one of the most expensive models that has an alligator skin top handle and super fashionable . It costs about $200.000.

19-Nina Ricci
Especially produces the rectengular sized models.

20-Zac Posen
Interesting and free connotation kind designer.

21-Michael Kors
Watch out! Can be addictive !

An intentive brand of expensive collection.

From classical collection to new ages it has a distinctive brand.

24-Hilde Palladino
Norwegian designer’s bags exist with diamonds and costs approximately $40.000.

25-Lana Marks
The most famous one is Cleopatra Clutch that designed for Academy awards, with precious jewels costs $400.000

26-Jimmy Choo
He combines the precious stones and smartness.

27-Devi Kroell
With internal pockets and triangle shape bags,this creation is awesome.

28-Emilio Pucci
Emilio Pucci designes colourful new age bags.

Another expensive but stunning handbag serie is Givenchy.

It is a sample of classical Gucci design and bitsy group of bags that costs nearly $30.000

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