30 Popular Bags for Women

1-Chanel, Timeless
It is one of the unforgettable pieces of time.

2- Louis Vuitton, Speedy
It is a classic that makes lovers happy with every new piece.

3- Hermes, Birkin
You love their colors.

4- Hermes, Kelly
It is a suitable model to wear with all kinds of clothes.

5- Chanel, 2.55
You can also choose red tones.

6- Balenciaga, City
It may be the first choice for those who want to team up

7- Celine, Luggage
It is the favorite of every woman over the middle age.

8- Chanel, Boy
Suitable for past and present use.

9- Louis Vuitton, Neverfull
Suitable for those who love the classic style.

10- Celine, Trapeze
It is the model in which the loved colors meet with modernism.

11- Celine
Carry the quality of the brand in your clothing.

12- Stella McCartney, Falabella
You can also get variations with different color tones.

13- Dior, Lady Dior
It is one of the most popular pieces.

14- Givenchy, Antigona
Can also be used when going to school and work.

15- Valentino, Rockstud
Can also be used as one of the handbags.

16- Chloe, Paddington
Quality is one of the preferences of callers.

17- Fendi, Baguette
It is one of the bag models that never upset its fans.

18- Gucci, Jackie
It has a style that won’t get old.

19- Saint Laurent, Sac Du Jour
Leather details can be brought to the fore if you wish.

20- Chloe, Drew
Ideal for bright color lovers.

21- Hermes, Constance
It has a new skin structure.

22- Alexander Wang, Rocco
It is the choice of those who want to put themselves in the foreground.

23- Mulberry, Alexa
It can be combined with all kinds of fabric clothes.

24- Proenza Schouler, PS1
You can also take new colors and change them at any time.

25- Leather Bag
The only type that does not age is leather bags.

26- Handbag
Can be a stylish suit with a bright shoe.

27- Gucci, Dionysus
Color and quality can come together.

28- PS1 Leather Bag
It can be the favorite of those who are looking for timeless and innovative styles.

29- Night Bag
Those who want to combine elegance with elegance can choose this.

30- Summer Bag
It is an example for those who want to reflect the comfort of summer holidays.

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