30 Small Handbag Models

By saying small handbags we mean approximately 6 to 12 inches  bags in width  and a phone, a small wallet, small cosmetics like lipliners or eyeliners can be carried. 
Here are some small handbag models:
1-Messenger Bags
If you have to carry your bag with you all day long, they are a must.

2-Crossbody Bags
They are trendy and fashionable for all seasons .

If you do not want to hold all of the world,they have enough space to carry your necessary things.

4-Poshette Bags
They are created for the smartness and elegance. 

In this category, many types can be found from vegan to leathers.

6-Flover Print Bags
The colour and beauty of the life.

7-Pillow Style Bags
For ladies who search for portability and stylish.

8-Barrel Shape Bags
They reflect the authentic smell of the past.

9-Coin Bags
With dimensionally super light-weight and suitable for special occasions.

10-Straw Bags
One of the most wanted bags of ladies for nature friendly materials and original designs. 

11-Transparent Bags
Transparency is important for many and these bags are the correct options.

12-Leather Bags
Leather is never outdated and in the first ranks.

13-Waist Bags
The address of easy careness, flexibility and resistance.

14-Cosmetic Bags
The primary guests of the special dinners. 

15-Drawstring Handbags
Wide purpose usage like trips, walks,shopping, etc…

16-Envelope Bags
Enveleopes have been forgotten but ladies continue to keep them alive.

17-Minaudiere Bags
These bags are too small to be seen but big enough to say I’m here.

18-Shoulder Bags
These are for especially short ladies to show them taller. 

19-Sling Bags
Both casual and formal occasions can be preferred.

20-Suede Bags
Easy to clean and easy to combine with clothes.

21-Wristlet Bags
They are ideal for businesswomen, brides, olders, briefly for everone.

They must be all ladies’ wardrobe and essential.

23-Chained Bags
Especially for taller ladies and compatible for daily usage.

24-Travel Bags
If you love travelling and be trendy , you must have one.

25-3 in 1 Bags
You will not search for the correct size. 

26-Top Handled Bags
If you are a good looking one do not hesitate to buy this.

27-Camera Bags
They are used for ladies that have many items to carry.

28-Patchwork Bags
If you have difficulties for choosing the clothes and the bags, they are among the first alternatives.

29-Micro Totes
Totes are one of the best choices for ladies, but if you do not like bigger ones, micro totes are for you. 

Perhaps they are the most widely used bags with various options.


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