The most suitable bag for short women are  
1.Small bags: show short ladies longer. With portfolio bags, you look elegant at night invitations. You should not choose these sizes because large bags create a short and bulk look. – 
Thin and tall women are very lucky. Each bag model is ideal for slim and long women, especially for 

2.Large bags: cross-shoulder shoulder bags and clutch bags. Colorful and patterned models and shabby bag models such as tote and hobo can animate your long look. Very small bags can make you look longer and rickety, so make sure that they are small enough to stand under your arm when buying small, portfolio bags.
Women with thick tops should draw attention to the hip or waist line.

  1. Long handled cross-carrying bags or hand-held portfolio bags; are ideal for women with this body structure.
    They should stay away from the bags that correspond to the upper part of the short-handled body. Fabric bags of different sizes or large leather bags with long handles are other alternatives.

4.the classic handbags; with short handles carried on the shoulder. It should be noted that wherever the bag stands, that region is considered. Short-handled models that do not coincide with the hip are best suited. Medium-sized waist-end bags are another alternative.
Women with curvaceous body; Should choose bag models that will reveal the folds of the waist.

5.Medium-sized bags are best suited for curved bodies. Medium-sized bags that finish slightly above waist level are ideal for curved bodies.
The first rule for overweight and thick women is to stay away from small bags.
Because small bags create a thicker appearance.
Tiny bags with short handles are not suitable for overweight ladies. 

6.Medium-sized bags are ideal for overweight women.
You should choose models that match your body shape. It should be remembered that the right bags can handle bulk and thick-looking bodies perfectly. It should be noted that the selected bag lies slightly below or slightly above the thick and overweight areas, and bags which never lie above the defective area should never be preferred.

7-Clutch Bag: It is a kind of small bag without strap and handle. 

8-Wrist Bag: It is a small bag type with strap or strap that can hold the wrist. 

9-Bridal Bag: Generally designed in small sizes made of soft materials and different fabrics, beautiful decorations are produced in white, cream-like colors.

10-Makeup Case: It is a type of small bag which is produced in different material or model and designed to carry only makeup materials together. 

11-Wallet: Small accessories used to carry money and credit cards. 

12-Briefcase: It is a type of rectangular bag used by men or women who have office life. 

13-Suitcase: It is a kind of big bag which is also known as luggage. 

14-Waist Bag: It is a type of small bag which usually looks like a triangle and is carried on the waist with a strap. 

15-Saddle Bag: It is a type of bag that can be carried on shoulder or hand, designed on a belt like saddle strap. 

16-Duffel Bag: It takes its name from the town of Duffel, a place where fabric bags are produced.

17-Backpack: It is a type of bag with double handles and generally used during school period and carried on the back.


18-Beach Bags: They are quite large, multi-colored, fun patterns and as the name suggests are the types of bags used on the beach.

19-Shoulder Bags: Generally carried on the shoulder and is a type of large crescent-shaped bag. 

20-Hanger Bag: It is a type of hanger bag which is produced from soft material and has belt used to be widely by doctors.

21-Tote Bag: Long and wide in size, also designed to be portable at shoulder level. 

22-Bucket Bag: Bucket-shaped bag with a wide strap, carried on the shoulder. 

23-Cylinder Bag: It is a type of bag which is cylindrical and usually carried on shoulder with long straps. 

24-Shrink Bag: It is a type of bag which is shrink-wrapped or covered with ropes. It is usually made of cloth.

25-Furry Bag: Generally made of materials such as wool, fur or velvet can be zipper strap or belt type of bag. 

26-Isosceles Bag: A type of bag with asymmetric corners and generally isosceles.

27-Clamshell Shoulder Bag: a rectangular or square-shaped bag with a top cap and generally long chain straps.

28.Tiger Stripes and Leopard Spots
a leopard or tiger print handbag would be the perfect way to ease yourself in.

29.Crystal Clear Bags
A lot of clear totes made of plastic.

30.Blinding Neon Bags
these bags are made for the truly fearless.

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