Necklace Earring Wristband Easy Jewelry Set To Make

Necklace Earring Wristband Easy Jewelry Set To Make

Hello dear jewelry designs, I think you will like at least as much as I do right away I want to share a very beautiful jewelry set model consisting of necklace earrings and wristbands with you this evening.

The models are mainly pearl beads, which I think is very nice. The pearl bead shows its elegance as ever. And the necklace, the bracelet and the earring are all very, very easy to make. Even those who have no knowledge of jewelry making can make it very comfortable.

If you want it to be at least as stylish as here, or if you think about doing it, all you have to pay attention to is getting the materials right. I’ll write down the bill of materials.

Materials of this model

8 / 0 sand beads
8 mm pearl beads ( red and pink beads that are large )
6 mm pearl beads ( small beads on the edge )
8 mm drop pearl beads
Parrot clips ( for wristbands and necklaces )
Earring clips
Suitable thickness polyester rope

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